Hun Hsin is a professional appraisal institution, staffed by experts from different areas in land administration, architecture, financial and other relevant industries. "Honesty, fairness, efficiency and professionalism" are the key values of our business. Based on these values, we provide superior services to our customers in the aspects of asset appraisal and consultancy.


Our vision is to develop the company through a multi-aspects and multi-facets professional approach, including the areas of asset management consultancy, real estate engagement, as well as financial planning and management. We aim to establish a big and professional consultancy team in land administration and financial consultancy, and continue our efforts in the research and development of technology in the appraisal of intangible assets and real estates. We will work actively and closely with the relevant corporate to exchange knowledge, skill and experience in the areas of financial asset securitization, real estate securitization, urban land consolidation, urban renewal, asset management, and property management.

  • 1993
    The company was incorporated. At the initial stage, business focused on the appraisal of real estate and machinery, at the same time providing land registration service. Despite the very limited resources available, we still designated research funds to improve our knowledge in asset appraisal, at the same time endeavored to recruit appraisal professionals to join the team.
  • 1992 ~ 1996
    Besides our success in the local appraisal business, we have made a great effort in developing our international appraisal business. In year 1996, we achieved a breakthrough by undertaking the first international appraisal business and expanded our business into South America, Hong Kong and Mainland China. In the same year, we established our Movable Property Appraisal Department to be fully responsible for the movable property appraisal business.
  • 1996 ~ 2001
    With the transformation of the Taiwan economic and industries, an increasing demand for appraisal on intangible assets such as patents and trade mark rights has been arisen in the high technology industries. In year 2000, we initiated the research on intangible asset appraisal, jointly responsible by the Movable Property Appraisal Department and the finance/accounting functions under the Operations Department. A study was conducted at the same time on the feasibility of establishing a designated intangible asset appraisal department. With a positive study result, we established our Intangible Asset Appraisal Department in year 2001 and started to undertake a number of patent appraisal cases committed by several high-technology companies. This breakthrough also brought in an enthusiasm among the staff to further enhance their know-how in the appraisal field.
  • 2001 ~ 2003
    This was a period when the Company underwent a dramatic growth in its appraisal business. Despite the recession in the Taiwan economics and industries, we managed to grow stably, established our service spots in Taoyuan and Taichung and introduced computerized operations and the network system. In the meantime the volume of cases we undertook has been increased sharply. In year 2002, staff in the Real Estate Appraisal Departments have successively passed the national examination and received the required licenses. Appraisers Firm was thereafter established, which was a pioneer in the industry.
    In the same year, the Intangible Assets Appraisal Department enjoyed a great growth in their business, and launched a consultancy team for intangible asset appraisal. The joining of the professional consultant has further strengthened the work force and upgraded our skills in intangible asset appraisal.
  • 2006 ~ 2008
    With our continuous efforts for more than ten challenging years, Hun Hsin is now a well-recognized professional appraisal institution. Our professional experts in finance, land administration and various industries will enable us to guarantee constant and high-standard appraisal and consultancy services to our customers. As usual, we will adhere to our principles of honesty and fairness and provide to all our customers excellent service in asset appraisal and relevant consultancy business.
  • 2009 ~ 2010
    Our Company Principal Real Estate Appraiser “Chiang Chen Shu”,
    obtained the Surveyors Qualifications in Hong Kong and joined the world's largest professional assessment major institutions Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors〈RICS〉.
    Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors(RICS) has already been set up for over hundred years, his professionalism is recognized in the international. Many foreign Investment Institutions require domestic Assessment Institution to have the above certificate in order to issue a formal opinion.
    In the coming future, Our Company's assessment technology will be upgraded by joining the Institute, as well as be lined with international standards, and positively recognized internationally.
  • 2011~ Anticipating a fruitful future
    In response to the practice of International Accounting Standards IFRS in 2013  which related to a major change in the accounting principles for the enterprises. , Honest Specialty Appraisers Group. meets our customers needs , the whole company has put all resources including human resources and all kinds of material to research the Financial Accounting Standards , Bulletin No. 10 "Accounting for Inventory"→ test reports of net realizable value of inventories; Bulletin No. 25 "Business combinations - the purchase method of accounting standards"→ purchase price allocation report; Bulletin No. 34 "Accounting for Financial Guidelines "→ fair value of convertible bonds assessment report; Bulletin No. 35" Accounting for the Impairment of Assets "→ asset impairment test report; Bulletin No. 36 "Financial Instruments Disclosure and Presentation "→ Special Issue evaluation report; Bulletin No. 37 "Accounting for Intangible Assets"→ evaluation of intangible assets, goodwill impairment test report. Our company provides related services in the field of fixed assets, intangible assets and business valuation as an expert opinion to be used for corporate and certified public accountant.